diathevaDIATHEVA is an Italian biotechnology  company located in Fano (PU) founded in 2002 with the aim to bring research into industrial products by cooperating with firms, public and private research institutions.

DIATHEVA focuses on development, production and marketing of new and innovative products for diagnostics, research and therapeutic applications in the field of: Cancer, Microbial Infection and Pharmacogenetics. DIATHEVA produces and commercializes products related to the HIV study, foodborne pathogens and personalized medicine IVD-CE marked.

Since its foundation DIATHEVA has heavily invested in R&D activities and the company has  applied with success to many funded European and  national research projects enlarging its collaborative and commercial network and acquiring an updated know-how.

In 2012 DIATHEVA was acquired by SOL SpA, the most innovative provider of gases  in the industrial and medical sectors.

Diatheva has a GMP facility, authorized by AIFA, to produce
and release APIs for pre-clinical and clinical trials with a special emphasis on new immunogens enzymes and antibodies. Furthermore, DIATHEVA has just licensed one of its promising anti-cancer scFv antibody to Agenus (www.agenusbio.com) and it is further developing a second candidate and one scFv antibody for the treatment of Candida Albicans and other fungal infections in immunosuppressed patients.

The company has the experience, expertise, capacity, and flexibility to serve as strategic partner for drug development and manufacturing needs.

Since 2015 Diatheva also provides service for development of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies on demnad for research and diagnostic applications.

DIATHEVA applies on  a diversified range of activities,  though its  main business model  is based on develop, manufacture and marketing of innovative diagnostic kits, the company has also signed several R&D and GMP contracts manufacturing with Italian and foreign sales companies.

Most of the products realized by DIATHEVA are unique on the market and they are applicable in clinical and industrial sectors.

Recently DIATHEVA has developed an ELISA assay specific for the rapid detection of Listeria monocytogenes infection in human serum and plasma. Listeriosis is among the most important causes of death from food-borne infections in industrialised countries, the HUMAN ANTI-LLO IgG IMMUNOASSAY kit is marked CE-IVD and it has been designed for a cost effective diagnosis of human listerial infection in less than 3 hours allowing the simultaneous analysis of 45 human samples with one 96-well plate. The kit is suitable for a fast, simple and reliable interpretation of the results and it does NOT show any cross reactivity with interfering antibodies usually present in the sera of pregnant women.

Always in  diagnostic area DIATHEVA has industrialized an innovative kit unique on the market: the PBRT kit (PCR-based replicon typing) that consists in a PCR-based assay initially developed and validated by Dr. Alessandra Carattoli, senior scientist at the Italian National Institute of Health in Rome, (Italy) and subsequently industrialized by Diatheva after the acquisition of an exclusive licence. The system allows fast and easy plasmid characterization and molecular identification through replicons detection.
Plasmids are usually categorized in families on the basis of their phylogenetic relatedness and the first classification scheme was based on plasmid incompatibility (Inc). The Inc methodology is limited by the laborious and time-consuming work required while PBRT kit  represents a valid tool to test a wide panel of bacterial strains in a very short time and  to follow the dissemination of resistance determinants allowing the description of antimicrobial resistance diffusion.

DIATHEVA’s team is composed by qualified biologists  dynamic and complementary, with a robust  scientific backgrounds and a  wide range  of skills.

The DIATHEVA’s mission aims to contri-bute in  ADVANCING  LIFE SCIENCE by the transfer of basic research results into industrial applications.

Viale Piceno 137/F, 61032 Fano
+39 0721-830605