DIMO AS – a supplier and manufacturer of Hydraulic systems and equipment to Offshore,
Marine and Land-based industry.
Our goal is to offer innovative and cost effective solutions to our customer wishes.




In relation to our expertise and our marketdimo
area, we further expanded our extent of marine
products. In addition to being a complete
supplier of hydraulic we also want to offer our
customers an expanded range of components
and equipment. Our products are key components
for new construction as well as sailing ships. Our
strength lies in our ability to solve problems, the
choice of systems and components and maintain a
custom inventory to ensure prompt delivery.










Dimo’s engineers undertake service and maintenance in all hydraulic
equipment for customers. Systematic maintenance and condition
controls can be established through service agreements. We have a 24/7
emergency service phone. We will develop our component stock in line
with customer requirements and a common assessment of the criticality
and impact of business interruption.

• Periodic maintenance
• Overhaul and repair of hydraulic equipment
• Oil analysis
• Flushing
• Commissioning
• 24/7 service



Parker Distributor
As a Parker distributor we deliver a wide range of hydraulic components, hydraulic hoses, pipes & fittings.

+47 993 62 030 (24 h.)