Dipl.ing. Houm AS

Laboratory Equipment for the Petroleum Industry


Dipl.ing. Houm AS was established in 1926 by businessman and Dipl. engineer Ole Houm and has remained in the founder’s family through generations. There are 19 employees in the Oslo based office and one engineer in Bergen to date.

We represent a range of well-respected manufacturers of laboratory equipment and process measuring instruments, which are imported and marketed towards the Norwegian market. These include Anton Paar, Arjay, Bandelin, Cilas, Cordouan, DataPhysics, Eralytics, Falcon, Kinematica, Koehler, Lauda, Linn, Lovibond, Lumex, MCM, Mitsubishi, Mycometer, Ohaus, Pamas, Paragon, Parr, Ritter, Labor Security System, Teledyne Isco, Termaks, ThermConcept, Vötsch, Welker, and YSI.

Houm has created its sustainable competitive advantage through local know-how, technical competencies, quality of service and long-term relationships with key clients.  A service hotline ensures that a team of highly skilled service engineers are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Our products for the petroleum industry:
Bacteria analyzersBalances
Capillary viscometer
Chemical and Fire Safety Cabinets
Circulators / Cooling Baths
Compact GC
Conductivity Meters
Dew Point Meters for Gas
Elemental analyzers
Ex-proof Heating and Drying Ovens
EX-proof Refrigerators
Flash Point Meters
Gas Meters
High Pressure Piston Pumps
Karl Fischer Titrators
Laboratory Furnaces, Heating Cabinets
Laser Particle Counters for Chemicals, Oil and Water
Mercury Analyzers
Nano Particle Analyzers
Oil Extraction, Ex-proof, BS & W
Oil in water Analyzers
Ovens (also Ex-proof)
Oxygen Meters
Particle Analyzers
Piston Cylinders for Sampling
Pressure Reactors
Reference Standards for Calibration etc.
RVP/TVP Vapor Pressure Gauges
Salt in crude oil measurement
Smart Titrator, TAN, TAB +++
Tensiometers (Contact Angle and Spinning Drop)
Turbidity Meters
Ultrasonic Devices
Zeta potential Analyzers

Grefsenveien 64, NO-0487 Oslo
+47 22 09 40 00