Docksta Group


Dockstavarvet, a century at sea

Dockstavarvet is a leading producer of aluminium boats for professional
use in Scandinavia and on the international market.

The company was founded by N. Sundin in 1905 and continues to remain family managed and operated by the third generation, which is a remarkable achievement.

Since the company’s inception, Dockstavarvet introduced and built their first aluminium boat in 1969, and subsequently, the first aluminium pilot boat was delivered in 1975. By 2010, DOCKSTA delivered over 50 pilot boats.

Dockstavarvet works closely with our clients and suppliers across the world, investing heavily in Research and Development, achieving award winning designs incorporating ‘state-of-the-art’ technology, with sophisticated and advanced engineering designs, producing high-speed patrol boats for both military and non-military applications on three continents.  Over the last 20 years, this has led the company to delivering ‘globally’ over 200 units, securing strong partnerships with our clients.  An accomplishment, the company is most proud of.

Dockstavarvet headquarters are located in Docksta, Sweden, with the main shipyard conveniently located with direct access to the Gulf of Bothnia, which provides an excellent area for testing and training purposes.

Varvsvägen 1, 870 33 Docksta
+46 613 711 600
+46 613 40 466