Dr. Grossegger & Drbal GmbH

We and our distribution partners are eager to fully understand our customers’ requirements. Building on proven components in hard- and software the solutions we offer can be customized according to specifications.

Dr.Grossegger&DrbalGmbh2The fundamental importance of research at alpha trace
Our organization was one of the pioneering companies to develop a PC-based paperless EEG. This marked our company’s initial groundbreaking innovation. 25 years later, research continues to drive the core of our business.

Our approach to strategic innovation
Following a customer-centric innovation philosophy, our customers’ needs are the focus and driving force behind everything we do.
Over decades, we have built close relationships with our clients that have enabled us to understand their specific requirements and react to them instantaneously. Our customers are integrated throughout all stages of the product development processes. They inspire new products and help us validate and improve them.
We believe that this trust and cooperation between our clients and ourselves is at the cornerstone of our success in delivering significant and practical benefits.

Current research projects
In the ever-changing field of neurophysiology it is essential to be current on recent scientific findings. In addition to decades of validation and improvement of our products in clinical practice, we therefore integrate the most current state of research into our develop process. We closely monitor third party findings and conduct our own empirical research.


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