Driconeq is the world leading producer of drill pipes to the mining, quarrying, ground engineering and water well industries. The company also offers related equipment such as drill collars, drill bits, wrenches, fishing tools etc to provide a full service concept. All components are manufactured in-house so this ensures prompt service and quick delivery. Our own heat treatment facility, HÄRDtekno AB, ensures the highest quality and cuts the lead-time significant for production and delivery of drilling equipment. We have a comprehensive range of standard products and also the knowledge and resources to use advanced technology to manufacture any kind of specialist equipment required.

This makes Driconeq the first choice for customers all over the world.

Driconeq around the globe
Driconeq is a worldwide company with units on four continents. The headquarters and main production units are positioned in Sunne, Sweden. We have a factory in Johannesburg, South Africa and in Perth, Australia. Sale units are established in South America.


P.O. Box 325, 686 26 Sunne, Sweden
+46 (0) 565 - 121 10
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