Drilling Engineering Services Ltd

Formed in 1991, DES specialises in Well Engineering and provides a wealth of experience in design, planning and project execution of wells drilled from Land, Platforms, Jack-ups and Semi-Submersible drilling rigs including ERD, MPD and HPHT wells. Part of the well design process involves offset reviews, casing design, directional well planning, hydraulics studies, drilling fluid design, cement design, ERD studies, wellbore stability studies, rig power requirements, cost estimation, risk analysis, writing Drilling Programmes and Procedures, drill the well on paper exercises (DWOP) and Government submissions. DES also specialises in riser analysis.

The design of the well is crucial to the lifetime of the well; for workover operations, sidetracks and ease of well abandonment. DES understands the technical and commercial challenges and will work with your sub-surface and management teams to produce a cost effective well design that delivers.

DES can undertake specific parts of the well engineering process to meet with the client’s needs.

DES offers a flexible solution; we will work solely for the oil company or can provide backup support to another service provider should the situation arise.

DES can undertake the complete well engineering process from concept inception right through the well’s life cycle to the well abandonment stage.

Drilling Engineering Services Ltd
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