DSG Technology

“DSG Technology – The Effector Company™”

Full caliber, spin stabilized supercavitating ammunition in all calibers.


The Cav-X™ technology enables a new breed of ammunition – Multi Environment Ammunition, also called MEA™. So Ground breaking that its existence are being denied. So revolutionary that it may require re-writing of The Maritime Doctrines.

• “Cav-X™ is global unique, and the only patented technology that ensures optimal combined swimming & air-flight capabilities for standard caliber ammunition.
• Cav-X™ technology can also be applied to existing ammunition designs, either to add new capabilities or to enhance existing performance.

About DSG Technology:
With its 150.000sq feet production facilities in San Diego & Wyoming, USA, and R&D center in Norway, DSG Technology offers both world wide sales and custom development of ammunition for military and police around the world.


DSG Technology´s expertise includes:
• Projectile designer and ammunition development
• Developing Underwater Warfare Capability –  Concepts & Equipment
• Arming UUV´s and USV´s, including Fire Control Systems.
• Underwater Weapon Enhancements, Equipment & Parts
• Conduct development of all types of ammunition
- Both swimmers and non-swimmers
- Offer upgrades of existing rounds, ie. improved penetration, longer distance, better accuracy.
• Cav-X™, MEA™, XMP™

MEA™ is the ultimate in ship defence – air, surface and underwater threats defeated by the same effector!
Possible use are:
• Hard-Kill Torpedo Countermeasures (HK-TCM)
• Mine Counter Measures (MCM)
• Medium caliber ship defence ammunition (non ricochet)
• IED / EOD in challenging environment
• Anti piracy operations

Small arms ammunition with Cav-X™ offers:
• Extreme Material Penetrations (XMP™)
• Naval Mine Countermeasures ( NMCM)
• Subsonic Armor Piercing Supercavitating (SAPS™)

Currently in production and qualification, MEA™ set out the new standard.
Multi Environment Ammunition (MEA) is available in all calibers, including 5.56mm, 7.62mm, and 12.7mm, as well as larger calibers.

Larger calibres protects warships by disposing or neutralizing sea mines and even incoming torpedoes given the ongoing development of appropriate fire control systems and weapons. In future, submarines might be able to engage helicopters while staying submerged. And even more, fired from the sky, greater caliber like 30-105 mm supercavitating round may travel to several hundre meters depth in the water volume.

In rifle calibres MEA™ provides both soldiers on ground and divers in sea a gun and ammunition combination which could be used effectively in air or water, or from either to the other; supersonic DSG ammunition in 7.62 mm NATO has been found to be effective at a range of up to 16 m in water.”


Based on a phenomenon known as ‘supercavitation’, MEA bullets work in air and water, with extended range in air, improved armor and material penetration, even at low angles and delivering increased stopping power compared to conventional ammunition.

The ammunition enables hitherto impossible applications, enhancing weapon operation in wet and even fully submerged condition, extending the capabilities of standard weapons into water, for firing from air at submerged targets and from water at targets either above or below the surface.

Application areas enhanced by this technology include harbour protection, coastal and riverine operations, diver offense and defense and the arming of both Unmanned Underwater Vehicles and Unmanned Surface Vessels. DSG Technology owns multiple patents or patents applied- for in the enabling technology of Supercavitation.

Supercavitation – an introduction:
In water, a suitably-designed projectile can form a ‘cavity’ around itself at velocities above 100 m/s. MEA rounds are designed to optimize the dimensions of this cavity so that it just exceeds the maximum outer diameter of the bullet at that point. In this way MEA rounds are stabilised in the water by the cavity wall itself and drag is minimized to such a level that the bullet is able to travel through the water.

In air, MEA bullets are spin-stabilized through rifling in the normal way, which allows MEA rounds to operate in both air and water, in either direction.


Underwater Performance:
MEA rounds supercavitate in water, enabling them to hit targets beneath the water surface when fired from air or from underwater, even with standard un-modified weapons. Although greater underwater range, of up to 30 meters effective range underwater with 7.62mm, is achieved with tungsten bullet cores, even relatively low-cost brass MEA rounds have underwater capabilities, extending the usefulness of standard weapons into water. With suitable standard weapons, MEA may be fired from wet barrels and fully submerged with no concern about protecting the weapon from water ingress, allowing use from below the surface or immediately on leaving the water.

Low Angles of Entry into Water (and from water):
MEA rounds can enter (or leave) water at angles as low as 2 degrees in typical calm sea condition and from 7 to 10 degrees in smooth water. This gives excellent practical applicability, enabling targets to be engaged from low banks or small vessels, without the need for elevated shooter positions.

Increased Penetration of Armor, Windscreens:
The unique design of MEA rounds enables exceptional armour piercing (AP) effect, even at acute angles of incidence. In the same way that MEA rounds are able to enter smooth water at very low angles (>7-10 degrees in smooth water) without deflection, so this same benefit is seen against targets attacked from acute angles, including automobile windscreens. This also means that cylinders, spheres and targets of similar form may be penetrated when other rounds would be deflected.


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