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For one 21MW export compressor, the typical recoverable assets are 124MUSD over 3 years period, and 290MUSD over a 6 year period

In general, Dynatrend product and services will aid to achieve minimal downtime on critical machinery. The system and services are instantly revealing root causes related to mechanical and technical faults that lead to outages. Issues if not dealt with in a sufficient time window causes outages or operational instability by effect related to deferred problems.

Secondly, the OIL&GAS industry are losing substantial asset values over time as gas turbines always suffer a gradual power loss during its operational cycle. This is permanent and gradual developed losses in performance over a 3 to 6 year operational time window for each gas turbine unit.

By today’s standards this is accepted by the industry as traditionally nothing could be done to make this power loss not to develop as steep. Now; Dynatrend do have a strong product/service available for reducing these high value production losses.
The difference in power output from when gas turbines were installed as new compared to when they get in for overhaul can typically be 10%. Sometimes more. If the gas turbine is a full load configuration unit, the driven or connected machinery will as an example reduce its capacity by 10% relativity linear; meaning an export compressor will reduce its flow by 10%. The real value of accumulated losses is then easy to identify and quantify if it’s only gas export. With gas-condensate, or gas-oil, the liquid produced will also be reduced related to the reduction in total gas flow over years.
The same usually apply to a power generating unit. By implementing the Dynatrend technology, a tremendous business case is revealed by minimal investments and by minimal efforts.

-The Dynatrend technology and related services will potentially reduce described losses by typically 30%-to 50%.

The core technology is exploiting the potential by using both vibro-acoustic, and common vibration signal range interpretation for advanced and automated diagnostics.

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