e-tools enhance clinical trial performance

In today’s ever-evolving medical business, technological changes require innovation to meet growing market demands and to bring about advances in the industry. One such development currently taking place in the field of clinical research is how e-tools are initiating a boost in the productivity of clinical trials.

Improve the data quality of your trials

e-tools, like EDC solutions, increase the overall efficiency of clinical trials in a number of ways. How? By improving the overall quality of your data – one of the most important aspects in clinical research. An EDC solution  implements automated edit checks, full audit trials and ensures encrypting of the data into the database. Taking into account that most EDC solutions are designed to comply with GCP and regulatory guidelines such as 21 CRF part 11, the quality of your data will significantly improve.

Access your study anytime, anywhere

Generally faster and therefore more cost-effective than paper-based trials, e-tools are web based so you can access the study from any place in the world and resolve data discrepancies immediately on your computer, laptop, Smartphone, tablet, etc… whenever you want.

You can easily access your data

With e-tools, you are able to have a multi-centre trial in one database. Anyone with access to your database has up-to-date metrics and reports at hand with limited risk of mistakes. Time will be saved as there is a higher awareness of safety issues and patients enrolled. Your data will be collected and managed in a more reliable manner.


Control your data online

e-capture.net is an intuitive and user-friendly EDC platform which features easy data entry, complex data validation rules and flexible reporting. Designed to fully comply with 21 CFR Part 11 Annex 11 for all your approval studies, e-capture.net is a flexible and reliable EDC solution currently used in more than 220 studies in 59 countries.

Take charge of your database
edc2go is a cutting-edge, do-it-yourself EDC solution that allows you to set up a post-marketing registry in a matter of hours. Quick and easy, it enables eCRF design using drag and drop, and transparent pay-as-you-go pricing.

Transfer large files easily
Core Lab Tracker helps you to transfer large images (up to 20GB) in your clinical study. This revolutionary web-based tool manages and tracks image logistics. Remove the manual and tedious process and save time. Because it is a central communications platform, all parties have an accurate overview at any time which will improve your communication during your trial.

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