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eagle burgmannMechanical Seals from EagleBurgmann
Wide range of mechanical seals, from standard component seals for general engine-room pump applications to highly sophisticated seals for pumps, mixers, compressors or any other rotating equiment.

Custom made seals for marine applications such as propeller shaft seals, thruster seals, seals for gears, rudder stock and more.

EagleBurgmann seals are characterized by a robust construction with design and materials specifically chosen to suit the demands of the intended application when it comes to important criteria such as speed, pressure and leakage.

Bulkhead seals and seals from EagleBurgmann Espey
Bulkhead seals in split design for easy installation, for water sealing and for gas-tight applications. Designed to handle high speed, radial/axial movements and angular deviations.

Labyrinth seals for sealing gas, dusts and vapours. The sealing rings are movably mounted in their housing and form a radial seal to the shaft. This design ensures that the operating gap of the seal is very small. No additional lubrication is required as the seals are designed for dry operation.

With their horizontally split housing and short axial installation length, these seal types can be used for fans, blowers or virtually any dry or gaseous application.

Seal supply systems
Buffer fluid and seal supply systems, according to API and NORSOK standard. Ranging from simple quench fluid tanks to highly complex buffer fluid set-ups, our systems generally have a modular structure and are tailored to individual requirements. Depending on their design, these systems cool or lubricate, circulate, apply pressure, protect against icing and ensure that mechanical seals work reliably, last longer and do not allow any leakages to escape into the environment.

EagleBurgmann provides comprehensive solutions to meet your individual service challenges from complete maintenance of all installed seals including: engineering, training and electronic documentation. We can help you reduce costs, increase availability and improve reliability.

Based on our competence in all matters of sealing technology we combine high quality products, clear service proposals, application knowledge and a wide range of references.

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