Easeacon by Marine Alignment A/S

Is your loading computer up to date?

The planning of ships is well taken care of by Easeacon, on board as the class approved loading computer with strength and stability assessments, and ashore as the counterpart to the on board system.

easeacon by marine alignment A/S
Easeacon develops with its customers reflecting the changing requirements of the shipping industry, and incorporating the latest rules and regulations to help running a smooth ships operation.

Are you ready to save fuel – cheap and fast?
A large amount of fuel is wasted because many ships are not ballasted in the optimal way. Too many ships sail ballasted too deep or with a trim that is good only for the water to reach the suction point in the shower, but unfavorable from a fuel consumption viewpoint. Many officers ballast the ship “in the way we always do it”, not taking into full account other factors.

The installation of on-board ballast water treatment plants has added an additional drain on power consumption. So by minimizing the amount of ballast taken in and out of the ships and therefore reducing the amount of ballast water to be treated to avoid the spread of invasive organisms, significant savings can be made.

In addition, fuel savings can also be found by minimizing the amount of ballast water being carried around unnecessarily.

Through trimming ships correctly their resistance through water can easily be reduced. By taking into account model test results, the FuelSaver can calculate and advise how a ship should be ballasted in order to use a minimum amount of fuel, obtained through a draught and trim that is the optimum for a given speed.

Using the latest technologies in model testing, – either tank testing or computational fluid dynamics –, and combined with optimization routines based on genetic algorithms, which have not been used in this context before, existing on-board computers for draught and trim calculations can be upgraded to provide ballasting and trimming recommendations. Such daily recommendations should increase the awareness of the potential for cost savings, for the benefit of both the economy and the environment.

Easeacon by Marine Alignment A/S
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