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For the past 26 years, ecom instruments have manufactured and supplied portable, explosion-proof equipment, designed specifically for use in hazardous areas. We are a global organisation with locations throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia.
Our vision is to fully realise the potential of interconnected hand-portable devices centred on a computing hub. Already known for our quality, reliability and high performance, ecom will enable mobile workers to do their jobs even more efficiently and safely with multipurpose hardware, service and support from a single provider.

Today, the ecom instruments product range is divided into four distinct divisions;

Mobile Computing: From laptops to handheld computers with barcode or RFID reading capabilities, the ecom instruments range of mobile computing devices can help create efficiency savings and dramatically reduce engineering man-hours. Devices are available with GPS, GPRS and integrated cameras to provide maximum functionality.

Communications: ecom’s range of ATEX certified communication products includes mobile phones compatible with all major networks; some of our phones are available with man-down and GPS functionality to help protect lone workers. We also manufacture and supply intrinsically safe PMR radios along with accessories.

Measurement and Calibration: ecom instruments have partnered with the world’s best known test equipment manufacturer Fluke to produce a range of ATEX certified multimeters and process calibrators. Other products within ecom instruments’ range include intrinsically safe temperature-measurement devices, ultrasonic wall-thickness gauges, wall clocks and stroboscopes.

Portable Lighting: The ecom instruments range of ATEX certified torches include some of the highest quality and best performing devices in the industry. We believe torches should be built to last and by ensuring this we are able to offer some of the most cost-effective ATEX certified torches available. ecom’s torch range has been developed using cutting edge techniques in design and explosion protection. Our portable lighting range also includes inspection lamps, headlamps and hand lamps.

In its 27-year history, ecom instruments has grown from a three-person enterprise to an international provider of world-class safety solutions for hazardous area applications. With some of the biggest names in oil and gas adopting our products due to their quality, reliability and performance, ecom continues to innovate in the field of hazardous area equipment.

ecom instruments UK
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