EcoNova AS

EcoNova’s mission is to give businesses better insight into and understanding of their processes for developing and running their organizations more efficiently. EcoNova provides the OAK® analytical products for management and organization. We train and certify professionals for the application of the tools.

Econova1OAK® consists of products for evaluating all levels of a business, from the marketing to the organization, from the management team and leaders to individual employees. OAK® is an award-winning set of tools (the Norwegian Consultant Industry’s Innovation Award in 2013). All products are connected by a generic model and theory: the OAK® Model, furthering the understanding of the value-creating activities of people in business. The OAK® Model is based on scientific findings regarding the mental structures of the human mind, i.e. the innate human production forces that made us explore, win and control the world and to develop businesses and governance that created our civilization. This kind of tool is widely used today in surveys on customer and employee satisfaction, organizational culture, leadership evaluation, employee and team performance, and personality inventories – but they lack a conceptual framework. The OAK® Model enhances effectiveness in organizational and decision-making processes by unifying these different tools and creating opportunities not yet understood and exploited. Implementing OAK® will strengthen executive and operational management’s capabilities as the real developers and engineers of their business processes.

All our tools are designed according to academic traditions for high quality. Reliability and validity of the results and their utilization demand high standards of both the tools and of the professional staff applying them.


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