Eide Marine Services A/S



Eide Marine Services A/S owns and operate vessels, barges, anchor handling tugs, and heavylift crane vessels to be able to undertake a wide range of operations, transports, installations and salvage operations.

Eide Marine Services A/S is also an innovation and technology company which is continuously developing new technology to improve the offshore industry. The latest development is the new Eide vessel concept which gives much higher performance offshore and seriously lower movements on the vessel during offshore operations. This gives less risk to human exposure as well as higher production rates based on more days offshore. Eide continues working to develop new technology and make customized solutions for our clients.

Eide Marine Services A/S operates world wide with operations like:

  • eide marine servicesHeavy lift operations
  • Submersible heavy lift transports using dock ship and barges
  • Barge hire/ transport
  • Towage
  • Installation of offshore windmills
  • Service and supply base for the oil industry
  • Salvage operations
  • Wreck removal
  • Demolition of oil installations
  • Engineering
  • Marine contracting services
  • Management
  • Provision of semi submersible barges
  • Provision of accomodation barges
  • Provision of ROV systems
  • Dredging

eide marine services

Eide Marine Services A/S
P.O. Box 115, NO-5457 Høylandsbygd
+47 5348 3500