El-Tech Consult


El-Tech_Consult_02Founded in 1997, El-Tech Consult have been around the world a few times with projects in Italy, Africa, America, Korea, Australia, Norway, the UK and more. As a long timer operator in the oil and gas industry as well as other maritime operations we pride our self on always bringing

• The right people for the job, consultants with proven track record from similar or larger projects.

• Meet deadlines, budgets and legal permits and approvals during, after and prior to project start, as well as in house guidelines for documentation, management, delivery’s, code of practice, completion, test, conformity assessment and inspection.

• Working in a safe and respectful manner, with little or no impact on the environment, personnel or equipment.

• Always providing highly skillful employees that are up to date with the latest standards and legal requirements, for choice of materials, completion of work and documentation according to rules and regulations of both parent company, country of origin and country of operations.

• We follow the project/product from conception, planning, design, construction, maintenance and sales/brokering.

•Training of personnel. Whether it be the design team or the onsite maintenance team, proper training is essential, for a cost effective and safe working environment. ETC offers tailor made Ex classes ranging from planning/design installation/maintenance and after IEC, NORSOK, API RP5xx DNV and so on and so forth

•Online maintenance database and Ex registry. For easy maintenance, quality control, acquisition etc.

•Telephone: +45 601 611 01 – Org number: 813488132 – CVR number: 19735087 – P number: 1016322632.

+45 601 611 01