Eldan Recycling A/S

For more than 55 years Eldan Recycling has been a leader in the on-going technical development of machinery and methods of making the processing of e.g. tyres, cable and electronic scrap, an efficient and profitable business. The foundation of the company was set in 1956 in Denmark as E. Laursens Maskinfabrik A/S, a manufacturer of small cable shears and cable strippers. During the years, we have significantly expanded our program of recycling equipment to include a wide range of single machines as well as complete turn-key systems.

In 1999 Eldan Recycling A/S was sold to the Swedish industrial group Carl Bennet AB. Since 2000 Eldan Recycling A/S has been a part of the Carl Bennet group, Lifco AB, with a turnover of 610 MIO EUR in 2011. At the same time the group employed about 3.100 people, in its subsidiaries in 30 countries with sales in more than 80 countries.

Today, we are proud to present a track record of over 830 complete systems, and 7,100 single machines installed worldwide*.
Eldan is the first choice in recycling equipment, due to high quality long lasting equipment, and experienced and service minded personnel.
Eldan Recycling A/S

Eldan Recycling equipment
Eldan Recycling produce single machines and complete systems for recycling of e.g. tyre, electronic scrap and refrigerators. The equipment basically downsizes the input material in steps, into a size which make is possible to separate the material for future reuse.

Our standard offer includes equipment for processing of

  • tyres into e.g. rubber granulate/powder and steel
  • steel cord from tyres into a more clean and attractive steel fraction
  • cables into e.g. copper, aluminium and plastic
  • electronic waste (WEEE) into e.g. precious metals
  • municipal solid waste (MSW) as fuel for incineration plants
  • aluminium for reuse in e.g. aluminium cans
  • SLF (shredder light fraction) to get the ferrous metals
  • refrigerators to get e.g. the steel, non-ferrous metals and plastic

Proven technology
Our own production facilities ensure highest product quality, reduced lead times and flexibility in production program. Much product development is made in collaboration with customers in order to meet the market needs. Due to the long experience, and high quality products, Eldan recycling has an impressive track record including more than 830 plants and 7 100 individual machines supplied worldwide*. We are also have customer reference plants connected on most continents, to show what the equipment can do live in action.

Eldan Recycling A/S

Quality equipment
We sell both high quality single machines as well as turn key complete systems. The modular system design offer our customer different equipment combinations depending on the specifi c input and output requirements. This system design also give flexibility add on equipment when production needs to be increased.

The flexible multi–size equipment enables you to produce different output sizes by merely changing screen combinations in the machines. Give your customers what they want by offering them flexibility in processing different input materials as well as in producing different output fractions.

Eldan offer you though recycling equipment with high performance. Still they generate low processing costs and low power consumption. Easy and quick maintenance by the customer reduce expensive downtime!

Outstanding service
The after-sales division provide ad-hoc and planned service on existing and new equipment by our experienced service engineers and supervisors. We constantly hold an extensive backup stock of spare and wear parts ready for shipping.

In order to have the best possible basis to meet our customers’ requests and answer their questions, we believe that it is important to be able to communicate in their language. Our sales offi ces and extensive agent network covers most of the world, and all agents are familiar with our equipment and can therefore give the qualified advice in a specific own language.

Long valuable experience
Today Eldan consist of highly experienced employees at our own offi ce in Denmark (including head office and production), Germany, France, Australia and the USA, and a close network of representative agents worldwide.

We employ more than 100 highly trained and experienced personnel. It is important to keep experience gained within the company, and we are proud to say that the majority of our employees have been within the company for 20-40 years.

To get a better understanding of how our equipment work please visit our website at www.eldan-recycling.com or our video archive at YouTube: www.youtube.com/eldanrecycling.

* As by 2012-03-01

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