Electronic Chart Centre

ECC makes electronic navigational chart (ENC) data and additional maritime information more easily and rapidly available. Its vision is to contribute to greater safety, lower costs, increased user-friendliness and enhanced efficiency at sea. This is pursued through a range of activities.

As operator of the PRIMAR regional ENC centre (RENC), in cooperation with the Norwegian Hydrographic Service, ECC provides the world’s leading channel for collecting and storing chart data, checking its quality and distributing the information to users. This channel meets demands from both data producers and ENC users for an authorised, official and quality-assured ENC product in accordance with international regulations.

Tools developed in-house provide users with an absolutely secure and accessible on-line service for all maritime electronic information. Such data are accessible via a PC, the internet or a mobile phone/tablet with the aid of open software solutions. That gives users the freedom to choose the optimum service options for their operating environment.

ECC has been the pioneer in making official land and hydrographic chart data freely available to the general public through its NaVida mobile application, which has quickly become the preferred mobile chart-viewing platform for thousands of people.

The professional edition of NaVida permits integration with other information sources (such as AIS, radar or hydrographic data) in a decision support system which allows users such as port authorities, pilots, vessel traffic managers and incident management teams to make quick and correct decisions. That is essential for safeguarding life, material assets and the environment.

ECC’s main focus is on the continuous development of innovative, flexible and efficient tools for distributing maritime digital data globally. The company therefore maintains a constant proactive dialogue with the industry and customers about trends and the need to ensure easy and efficient access to quality geographic reference data.

Embracing the concept of security in a broader context, ECC has supported government work on e-navigation and the EU’s Inspire directive. The emphasis here has been on developing an integrated digital and information infrastructure, in which communication and cooperation between seafarers and official bodies occupy a place.

With a growing requirement to share operational information between many operators, ECC has the tools and services needed to ensure that all users have access to and can view informationonline about a shared and updated chart image.

Through its key role in supporting Norway’s position as a leading maritime nation, ECC’s goal is to continue creating simple, secure and functional solutions in collaboration with customers and partners in order to contribute to security and value creation in society.

Electronic Chart Centre
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