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The history of Elektronix
Elektronix has been in the industrial IT business since it was founded by the Myklebust family in 1981 and has been one of the leading companies within this market ever since. The Norautron group purchased Elektronix in 2011 and we are now part of large corporation with a revenue of 1 billion NOK per year, and Elektronix had a revenue of 85 million NOK in 2011. To complement the product and solution portfolio, the market leading camera surveillance company, Com-Scan, was purchased in 2012.
Core business
We see ourselves as a solutions and knowledge partner within industrial IT and our main goal is to deliver the right solutions at customized levels within industrial computers, monitors, networking, cameras and keyboards/trackballs. Our customers value the quality, performance and knowledge as well as our ability to proactively turn around and adapt to demanding and urgent customer needs. We work closely together with all the main actors within marine, oil/gas, offshore, energy, automation and other markets.

Marine computers and displays
Being established within the marine market for a long time, has given us a unique insight in the demands and needs which are required by the solutions for this market, and for several years we have developed our own marine computers for this harsh environment: Enix. It is designed to withstand the toughest demands when it comes to moist, shaking, temperature and dust. Our customers claim the Enix is the perfect choice when it comes to product liability in demanding environments. The Enix is of course IP rated, IEC 60945, IACS E10 and DNV certified. The Enix portfolio is of course delivered with monitors/ displays that has the same quality and specifications when it comes to direct sunlight, nighttime, IP-rating, color calibration and more. We can offer IEI, Navpixel, Wide and Moxa.

Industrial Ethernet and data collection
To satisfy the more and more demanding cabled and wireless Ethernet environments, we have a wide product and vendor range from Moxa, ICPDAS and O-Ring as well as the only certified Moxa support center in Norway. We also offer Ethernet related products when it comes to data collection, serial to Ethernet, Ethernet to mobile broadband and more from low to high industrial ratings. Some of the wide temperature products can even support from -40 to +85 Celsius.

To deliver total industrial solutions, we offer industrial and DNV certified keyboards/trackballs from NSI and a wide range of cabling, mounting brackets, mounting disclosures, DIN-options, electrical products and other computer/networking related components.


Elektronix AS
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