A Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) specifically designed and built in Greece by ELMON, for Special Naval missions and Homeland Security purposes, capable to operate in all sea conditions. It adopts stealth technology systems resulting in extremely low radar signature trace. It has been constructed to provide for enhanced stability and maximum operating speed. NEMESIS can be customized to meet your requirements with an Open Deckor with a Closed Air Conditioned Cabin, with diesel or gasoline inboard, sterndrive or outboard engines with propeller power, etc.

Some special characteristics of NEMESIS which make it the most effective and advanced solution for special missions are:

  • Dimensions: 11,5m length-3,44m width 
  • Capacity: 2 crew members and 10 fully equipped SEALS
  • Maximum speed >50 knots
  • Bulletproof protection for craft’s vitals
  • Air lift capability
  • Low noise profile
  • Anti-thermal system
  • 2x Volvo Penta D6-435 diesel engines
  • Impact and blast mitigating boat deck
  • Thermal Day/Night camera
  • 3-D Scanner Sonar
  • ARPA/RADAR System
  • GPS Plotter/AIS
  • C4I Capabilities

The basic armament consists of two machine guns mounted to the bow (Grenades Launcher 40mm MK19 and stern (7,62mm Gatling M134 “Mini Gun”) in combination with some other special defence systems as well as the capability of detecting any underwater activity in 300m. Special systems like missile launchers can be customized according to client specifications and needs.

One of the key parameters in the study and construction of NEMESIS is stability and speed in all sea conditions (up to Sea State 6) by using thermal day and night virtual imaging.

NEMESIS has bulletproof protection for vitals (fuel tanks, electrical & machinery compartments), consisting of Dyneema side panels which contribute to the overall craft’s survivability. Certified for NIJ LEVEL III+ calibers such as 7.62 x 51 (NATO) ball AK47 7.62×39 FMC (velocity of bullet 720m/second).

NEMESIS has the following standard features: Fire proofing, Cabling of military standards, Fuel cross over systems with refueling capacity, Seats of Lock-absorbing type for the crew, Fixed fire protection system for engine and batteries components.

Its maximum continuous operating speed is over 50 knots. NEMESIS in this configuration is equipped with two VOLVO PENTA D6-435 Heavy Duty diesel engines.

The hull is divided in 8 separated watertight compartments and is made with fireproof material and Biaxal. The deep V single hull (hard GRP) is based on progressive construction and finished on the outside with 2 layers antifouling paint. The floats (ring) are military type nonslip shield ORCA type 1670 dtex with 7 over pressure valves.

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