Elos Fixturlaser


providing solutions for propulsion systems and machine components

Elos Fixturlaser is a company that is dedicated to the work of providing our customers with a solution for aligning machines and machine components. Our company is recognized worldwide for offering laser shaft alignment tools that minimize the time of operation. Elos Fixturlaser’s focus has always been to provide precision alignment tools with an intuitive user interface reducing the time accomplishing precision alignment. Our commitment has served us well. Today, Fixturlaser products can be found in most parts of the world and we are represented in some 70 countries around the globe through a network of independent distributors.

Our state of the art system, the Fixturlaser XA, offers applications for both shaft alignment and geometric measurements, such as bore measurements, i.e. a complete package for the marine and shipping industry. Features that are especially useful are e.g. the wireless transfer between measurement units and display unit, the large detectors (30 mm) and the measurement unit’s built-in inclinometer, hence measuring and aligning stern tubes with small diameters are no longer a problem. Visit our web site, www.fixturlaser.com, for more information about our products and applications!

Elos Fixturlaser
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