Eltek is a front runner in the global power industry. Today, we are 2500 employees in 40 different offices around the world doing business in nearly 100 countries.

Superior power conversion technology is our hallmark, and our ambition is to always set the standard in the industry. As a truly multi-national company, we are sensitive and respectful of the differences in culture in the markets we operate, and throughout the global Eltek organization.

We are confident we have the power to convert the expertise and commitment of our people into great value for our customers, the company and our employees.

What about you? Do you have the power?


Our Business

For more than four decades Eltek has provided power solutions for telecommunication networks globally. Our systems cover the entire range of power requirements, from small to very large, meeting all the power needs of the telecom industry, in both fixed and mobile networks.

Eltek is part of the proud Norwegian maritime and offshore heritage. We offer marine and offshore power solutions that are reliable, modular and compact. They provide the power you need to keep your revenue on-stream.

Power systems from Eltek offer more than compliance with minimum requirements: extreme flexibility, scalability and efficiency. This saves energy and cost, and reduces the environmental impact.

We combine power utility industry insight with leading-edge power conversion expertise. We offer smart and efficient auxiliary power solutions for all applications in the network, from power plant to end user.

The use of DC as backup for mission critical applications has many advantages over traditional AC UPS. Eltek has a wide range of DC products from larger DC UPS all the way down to Front End Power for the servers.

The THEIA series defines a new level of efficiency and user friendliness for isolated string inverters. Suitable for crystalline as well as thin film modules, the THEIA™ HE-t is the perfect choice for commercial and residential solar installations.

Eltek helps the automotive industry go green. The Eltek Powercharger is a family of battery chargers for electrical vehicles that minimizes charge time and maximizes mileage per spent kilowatt-hour. Based on Eltek’s unique HE technology, they are compact and light-weight and offer unmatched efficiency, while maintaining galvanic isolation for battery protection.

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