Emtex BVBA

Emtex offers worldwide professional medical writing services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, cosmetic, agro-food and medical device industries; CROs; and academic institutions. We are specialists in medical writing as it is the only service we provide. Our mission is to deliver high quality services and excellent solutions in a timely and cost-effective way.

We have handled many small and large medical writing projects from various clients over a wide range of therapeutic areas and for different audiences (e.g. regulatory authorities, general public and investigators).

With this extensive background, Emtex offers the following benefits to its clients:

Emtex has experience and expertise
Having access to our team of highly-trained medical writers means access to experience and expertise in a broad variety of therapeutic areas, indications, and types of documents to speed up the writing process.

Our medical writers have a scientific degree (MSc or PhD level) and are skilled in preparing clear, well-structured documents in terms of content and formatting, that meet the regulatory requirements and clients’ standards (e.g. style guidelines).

Emtex delivers high quality
All documents prepared at Emtex go through an internal review and quality control cycle to ensure the highest quality, i.e. accurate, complete, easy to understand and compliant with any applicable regulatory guidelines.

Emtex helps freeing your time and resources
We relieve your team from the burden of preparing the required (and time-consuming) documents, as the team members have many other urgent tasks and responsibilities. We complement your own resources with a team of experienced medical writers when you need them so that your documents will be delivered on time.

Emtex demonstrates flexibility and unbiased attitude
We guarantee the necessary flexibility and critical mass when the scope or timing of your project changes. Because we are an external party, we show an unbiased attitude (e.g. to assess situations with a completely open mind).

Emtex gives cost-effective solutions
By outsourcing to Emtex, the review time and the number of cycles needed to reach approval status are often reduced.

Given the ups and downs in the number and urgency of documents to be prepared by your company, maintaining a medical writing team can be challenging in terms of costs. Hence, outsourcing medical writing can be a solution to obtain quality services in a more cost-effective way.

Emtex ensures continuity and long-term relationships
We dedicate a team of medical writers to guarantee continuity and uninterrupted support for the entire duration of your project. Long-term (internal and external) relationships result in a better mutual understanding, leading to a more efficient cooperation.

Emtex provides medical writing consultancy
Having worked with several clients (for more than 15 years now) has resulted in knowledge and insights regarding the most efficient practices in medical writing for delivering high quality documents within often very tight timelines. Our medical writers are regularly trained and share knowledge on a weekly basis during collective learning sessions, which results in the ability to offer plausible solutions to problems when arising.

EMTEX, founded in 2001, is an independent and compact company that offers professional medical writing services all around the world to the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food and medical device industry. We have gained extensive experience over the years in the presentation and interpretation of data into well-structured and clear scientific documents, and have contributed to several successful regulatory submission dossiers.

Our staff members have the required team spirit, flexibility, professional knowledge and scientific background to help our customers to produce the medical documentation to develop and commercialize their products. We can support your company (Medical Writing Department) in the preparation of the documentation to speed up the development processes, and thereby freeing your time and resources, on the way to regulatory submission and approval.

Our goal is to provide a fast, efficient, high quality service at competitive prices.


Emtex BVBA
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