Envix Envix Nord AB is a Swedish consulting firm specializing in environmental engineering. Envix is based in Umeå, Sweden, with offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Our staff of specialists includes experts in the fields of environmental chemistry, rock science, water treatment technology, engineering and construction.

Envix is the parent company of MTC – Miljötekniskt Center AB, a research facility where research and development is performed in cooperation with industry and academia.

Envix offers a unique mix of researchers, experienced consultants, engineers and contractors. Together we offer an understanding of the complexity of nature, market conditions and regulatory requirements. This allows us to propose and implement practical solutions that provide beneficial and cost efficient solutions to environmental issues related to rock, land, water and waste.

Some of our projects

• Boliden Mineral AB, Hornträsket mine 2005-2012. Investigations of geochemistry, hydrogeology, metal contamination and risk assessment, Established a multistep site specific remediation and restoration plan, Turnkey contractor for implementation of remedial actions at the site.

• Trustee for former Lappland goldminers Sorsele AB, Blaikengruvan – Provided a second opinion on the Remediation plan and performed Environmental due diligence for the mine area including tailings dam.

• Boliden mineral AB 2012 – Environmental survey and remediation design for the waste rock deposit at the former Näsliden mine, Malå kommun.

• Boliden Mineral AB 2012 – Provided a second opinion on the environmental-, hydrological- and hydrogeological issues related to the decommissioning plan for Gillervattnet tailings dam.

• Metsä Board AB and Boliden mineral AB 2011-present, Design, performance and evaluation of pilot test area for the use of green liquor dregs for stabilizing mining waste-rock. Full scale implementation.

MTC – Research and development

MTC specializes in the implementation of emerging environmental technologies linked to mining and minerals, paper and pulp, contaminated soil, sludge and water. Our customers include stakeholders, companies looking to demonstrate new technology and academia focusing on applied research. MTC owns and manages a large testbed facility for the demonstration of new and innovative solutions in a real environment. MTC performs feasibility studies, pilot tests, and full scale deployment. We help our customers to streamline their operations by developing new treatment technologies and finding new uses of waste materials.

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