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ENWA manufactures chemical-free water treatment products and systems, specialising in filtration and membrane technology. This technology has proven to be environmentally friendly and superior in terms of cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency.





Reverse Osmosis (RO)
ENWA develops and manufactures desalination units based on Reverse Osmosis (RO). The products are used both onshore and offshore, and the units are costeffective, reliable and user-friendly.

The supply of fresh water is an important issue in marine environments. ENWA’s products employing the RO process will in most circumstances be the most efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly way of safeguarding the water supply. Using ENWA’s proven RO technology eliminates the potential danger of contamination from bunker water. In addition, the RO Fresh Water Maker also significantly reduces the possibility of bacteriological contaminations such as Legionella and E-Coli.

enwaGreen Ship Technology
EnwaMatic® Chemical Free Water treatment replaces hazardous chemicals for:
• Comfort heating and cooling systems (HVAC)
• Engine cooling systems

In any fresh-water based, closed loop, cooling or heating system the water quality is key to maintain efficient operation. Corrosion, scale formation and biological fouling can reduce system efficiency, increase energy consumption and cause high maintenance costs. Traditionally treatment is applied by means of hazardous chemicals. ENWA’s DNV approved (Report no 270113) EnwaMatic® technology provides a safe, economic, chemical-free and environmentally sustainable solution.

EnvaEnwaMatic® is patented worldwide and has been approved by Wärtsilä Finland Oy as a recommended water treatment technology for fresh water cooling systems in Wärtsilä engines.

Ballastwater Treatment
Enwa has teamed up with Headway in order to supply ballast water treatment for our clients. Headway is one of the few suppliers worldwide that holds all the internationally required approvals within the industry.

ENWA BIN-X® chemical-free bacteriological barrier.
Conditions in potable water distributions systems will often represent a threat to the quality of water and hence onboard safety. Waterborne outbreaks of i.e. Legionella or E.coli may develop. ENWA BIN-X® is a cost-effective, ultrafiltration system that prevents bacteria from entering and multiplying, without the more common use of UV systems or chemicals to neutralize it. With ENWA BIN-X®, all bacteria is actually removed from the water, rather than just killed. In the patented ENWA BIN-X system, the membranes are self maintained by an automatic flush technique. Consequently system maintenance is very limited.

ENWA BIN-X® holds VA (water and discharge) approval for installation in potable water systems. It operates in high temperatures so both cold-and hot- water systems can be treated with the ENWA BIN-X®


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