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EOL Ventsystem AB, founded as Carl Ström Gruvteknik in 1890, has been a major distributor to the mining and tunnelling industry for many years. The company changed its name to EOL Ventsystem in 2002 to reflect the increased focus on ventilation solutions.
EOL is the Nordic name for Aiolos, the Greek-Roman God of Winds, who was regarded as the ruler of the wind.

EOL Ventsystem delivers complete ventilation solutions that fulfill all applicable environmental demands and regulations for underground construction and mining.

The product range includes single- and multistage fan units of up to 400kW per stage as well as highpressure ventilation doors and shutters. All products are developed and manufactured in Sweden, using state of the art fan and sound design and laboratory facilities.

The company is the main supplier of all underground fans to LKAB, the world’s largest underground iron mining company, as well as most other mining operations in Sweden. company is active in a further 20 countries in Europe and Asia.


EOL Ventsystem fan solutions are designed for highest
performance and reliability in all types of environments,
securing or even increasing the customer’s productivity.
All fans are designed for full modularity, enabling easy
addition or removal of fan or auxiliary elements like
silencers for maximum output and efficiency.
EOL Ventsystem ventilation solutions are designed with the growing needs of the mining and tunnelling industry in focus, optimizing every delivery to the customer’s requirements.
EOL Ventsystem AB
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