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Prosthetic Surgery at a young age means 100 percent probability of reoperation
Each year, about 1.2 million knees are replaced with prostheses. The mean age of patients with oa has shifted from 72 years
in the 1990´s to 56 years today. The increased need for an interim solution prior to total knee replacement is therefore obvious.

For patients over 55 years of age, knee prostheses work relatively well, at least during the first 20 years. However, among
patients who are under 40 years old, assuming an average lifetime, the risk to require another operation to replace the
prosthesis is 100 percent. Therefore, in view of the operating costs borne by the society and the life span of the knee protheses,
patients offered knee replacement surgeries are usually above the age of 60. The result is that patients who are in their 40s
may have to live with the pain for about 20 years before they can undergo the surgery. For those aged 40–60 years, the
Episealer Knee® can be a treatment option in the future. In this case treatment of cartilage lesions is done with a less invasive
method at an earlier stage, without ruining the possibility of future knee replacement, in case the patient’s condition deteriorates.

Episealer® – customized implants
The Episealer® is a small, personalized implant for the treatment of local cartilage damage in human joints. It is a small implant
that can easily be deployed with maximum precision, resulting in minimal trauma to surrounding tissue, and requires a less
complicated rehabilitation.

Preplanned individualized Surgery provides reproducable results
Orthopaedic surgeons are provided with kits that are uniquely tailored to each patient, enabling the possibility of widespread use.
The implant can be inserted with very high precision using Episurf’s individualized surgical drill guide, Epiguide®, minimizing the
risk of incorrect insertion of implants. The implants and surgical templates are designed before the surgery, by Episurf’s imaging
center, based on patientspecific images (MRI or CT). The implants are designed to replace only the damaged cartilage surface,
which is expected to contribute to faster recovery of patients and longer lifetime of the implants. The day surgery is safer and
easier compared to current means of inserting implants. Our vision is to be able to treat patients with cartilage injuries at an
earlier stage and also to stop further development of osteoarthritis in the knee.

Episurf’s implant concept:
• The implants are adapted perfectly to the damaged area;
• The surgical procedure is minimally invasive;
• The surgical procedure is performed with high precision;
• The surgical procedure is easy to implement;
• The patient can leave the clinic the on the same day.

Clinical trials
Episurf’s clinical trials will be conducted with a number of orthopedic clinics from 2012 and onwards. The Episurf Medical’s new implant concept for local cartilage damage is now available for patients in Europe after the CE-approval achieved in july 2013.

We know all patients are unique – therefore we make individually customized implants – perfectly personalized for each patient – in doing so we can improve the outcome for the patient

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