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epiZell is a small CRO that supports the biopharmaceutical industry, start-ups, hospitals, and universities with a range of high quality analytical services focussed on qualitative and quantitive applications of mass spectrometry and on biomarker discovery. epiZell has a very experienced and talented team with solid background in biochemistry, analytical chemistry and organic chemistry including synthetic methods and reaction mechanisms. The team have their many years of experience from the pharmaceutical industry, university and commercial business. The company was founded in 2011 arising from two EU funded research projects within microfluidics and separation science.

We are working with structure elucidation of natural products, peptide sequencing, trace analysis, pharmaco-kinetics, polymer analysis, identification of by-products from syntheses and more. We have experience with analytical procedures employing most of the commonly available mass spectrometric methods and instruments, including their associated chromatographic techniques such as (U)HPLC and various mass spectrometers ranging from Q-Tof to single- and triple quadrupoles.

Our range of services:

Mass spectrometry service:
This includes molecular weight determination, exact mass measurement and MS-MS experiments with collisional activation. We can work with pure samples in MALDI or ESI with loop-injection or with LC-MS equipment in the case of mixtures.

Structure elucidation:
Among the potential applications are natural products, metabolites, by-products etc. Our mass spectrometric expertise and general spectroscopic experience together with our solid foundation in organic chemistry and biochemistry are the important elements of what we can offer in this area.

Biomarker discovery:
In collaboration with BioSIMS Technologies, we offer ultra-sensitive multiplexed analyses of proteins such as cytokines and other biomarkers. The analyses are based on forward and reverse phase protein microarrays.
With the forward phase microarrays, zeptomolar sensitivity is obtained with a unique mass spectrometry based detection technology (DigiPLEX™).
The method is multiplexed and 5 – 8 different proteins can be analyzed in a few µL sample. The robust detection technology enables shipment of the arrays after incubation with target and probe. For reverse phase microarrays, we have a catalogue with a range of the highly specific antibodies we have validated for this application but can also run tests with antibodies supplied by customers.

Method development and validation (LC-MS and LC-MS/MS):
We have extensive experience with bioanalysis in both pre-clinical and clinical studies as well as in general trace analysis. With short response times, we can assist with method development either on the customer’s site or in our own laboratory. We can also help with method validation.

H/D exchange:
Based on Biomotif’s electrocapture technology we can perform H/D-exchange studies without dilution, pre-concentration of low level compound of interest to detectable concentrations, and desalting of samples. The electrocapture technology use a dual-membrane device where charged molecules are immobilized in a microflow stream by counteracting hydrodynamic and electric forces.

We offer a range of theoretical and practical courses in analytical and organic chemistry. Our practical courses are held at our own laboratory. Both theoretical and practical courses can be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements.

We offer consultancy not only in connection with our services as required but also for customers who generally wish to draw on our expertise and experience. We are ready to provide both expertise and instrument time on a customer-client basis or as participant in collaborative projects. We can also help developing your business strategy or assist you with purchasing the right mass spectrometer.


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