Body Weight Support System

The Ergo Trainer (ET) is a dynamic Body Weight Support system which partially relieves the patient of his body weight, up to 85 kg. / 187 lb.

The ET can treat patients suffering from a wide range of neurological or musculoskeletal disorders, either congenital or acquired conditions, e.g.: MS, CP, Muscular Dystrophy, spinal injury, stroke, postural, mobility, coordination, post-operative, sports etc.

The ET delivers a constant amount of body weight support as the patient moves up and down on the dynamic arm, safely supported in the ET harness.

Body weight support training lets patients with impaired walking ability participate in an early gait training rehabilitation programme, on a treadmill and overground.

As the patient’s condition progresses and set targets are achieved, both the dynamic arm’s floating range (0-55 cm / 0-21.6”) and the amount of body weight support can be adjusted to challenge the patient more. Both these features are adjusted on the 4 function hand control unit.

A fall safe, controlled environment for patient & therapist with ET: The fear of falling for patient & therapist is removed. Patients know they will be caught by the dynamic arm and harness, so therapists can introduce a more effective and challenging training programme, and patients can participate more actively.

Treadmill therapy: Enables a progressive programme of repetition of movement and adjustment of speed and elevation, cadence, stride length, gait performance, etc. to be introduced & monitored.

Overground training: Adjustment of floating range of the dynamic arm allows for a comprehensive training program of different postural, standing and balance exercises, & training sitting to standing positions.

ET has no restrictive barriers or side frames: Therapists have unrestricted access to the patient from both sides and the rear, free to support the patient, perform manual guidance of lower limbs during gait therapy and assist with gait corrections. The patient has unrestricted movement of their arms & legs. ET also allows the therapist the ability to treat more than one patient at a time.

An Integrated turning link on the spreader bar permits free 360 degree rotation for seamless directional changes of the patient, e.g. for training walking backwards & side stepping.


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