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EUCODIS Bioscience is an Austrian Biotech company with core competence in enzyme engineering. With a portfolio of over 50 enzyme specialities, including innovative lipases, beta lactamases, peroxidases and other enzymes Eucodis has a proven track record of providing high-performance enzyme solutions for highly specific applications in biopharma, fine chemicals and cosmetics industry.  Eucodis specializes in setting up optimized bioprocesses for scale-up and manufacturing recombinant proteins under ISO9001.

Enzyme engineering is one of the core competences of Eucodis Bioscience. Engineering projects are performed by the proprietary in vivo recombination and other technologies such as gene shuffling. Eucodis is using most advanced expression systems for scalable production of recombinant enzymes and other proteins by fermentation in E.coli, P. pastoris, B. subtilis, and Aspergillus oryzae.  

LacBusterTM : Innovative formulations of beta-lactamases for sterility testing and environmental monitoring in antibiotics production.

Lipases: Panel of over 25 unique lipases carefully selected and engineered for applications in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food & feed industries. The enzymes show superior activity in multiple applications, such as the production of nutritionally valuable fats and oils, emollient ester synthesis and API production.

Peroxidases: Collection of more than 10 novel recombinant peroxidases of bacterial, fungal and plant origin with distinct properties for customers in the chemical, flavor, feed, cosmetics, paper and other industries. Eucodis Peroxidases use hydrogen peroxide as a co-substrate to catalyze reactions similar to cytochrome P450 oxidoreductases, but eliminating the need for expensive cofactor recycling systems.

Other Products: Phospholipases D
Nitrilhydratases – Libraries for industrial applications available.

As a contract manufacturer, EUCODIS Bioscience is a specialist in optimizing bioprocesses for the scale-up and manufacture of recombinant proteins according to ISO 9001 standards to assure maximum yields, stability and desired purity in reproducible reliable quality.

We provide the following services:
– Enzyme screening and engineering services
– Strain development (E.coli, Bacillus, Pichia, Aspergillus)
– Bioprocess development (non-GMP)
– Upscale/routine industrial protein/enzyme manufacturing (up to 1000 L fermentation volume)

CTATTM, a novel enzyme-based linker technology for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs)
CTATTM is used for the directed C-terminal conjugation of antibodies with a broad spectrum of different payload molecules, mainly for oncology indications. In contrast to existing first generation chemical linker technologies or second generation site-specific linker technologies, the CTATTM technology combines the benefits of efficient C-terminal, site-directed conjugation without affecting the specificity and stability of the antibody. The CTATTM enzyme recognizes a defined, three-amino acid sequence added to the C-terminus of the antibody, cleaves this sequence and attaches the payload by forming a new peptide bond in a nucleophilic addition reaction (transamidation). This allows to carefully control the drug-antibody ratio (DAR).



CTATTM is superior to existing ADC linker technologies by enabling site specific conjugation at the C-terminus of the antibody without altering its antigen binding properties, structure or causing any instability. Proof of Concept studies were presented recently at PEGS Boston in May 2014. ADCs based on three different antibodies and on a Fab-fragment show in vitro efficacy against a variety of cancer cell lines. Plasma stability and a well defined drug-antibody ratio (DAR) have been proven. The CTATTM-substrate peptides are minimally immunogenic, and the CTATTM-technology can also be used for bispecific antibodies. Xenograft animal studies with ADCs will start in Q3/2014 and shall be finalized until the end of the year.


Proliferation tests using SKBR-3 breast cancer cell lines:
blue: unlabelled antibody
black: toxin alone (5 nM DM1)
red: toxin alone (500 nM DM1)
green: CTATTM labeled ADC (10nM DM1)


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