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EUROPRESS was established in 1977, at a time when the yearly amounts of waste were rapidly increasing in Finland.

Our original business idea was to rationalize waste collection and management, and by doing that help reduce pollution. Europress Group Oy is 37- years’ old financially solid, Finnish environmental technology company, which designs, manufactures and maintains waste compactors and balers.

Today Europress is the leading manufacturer of waste handling equipment in Scandinavia. The company employs over 140 people in four different countries. Europress is represented in Finland, Sweden, Norway, the Baltic countries, Russia and Denmark. Choosing the right collecting system is essential in waste management.



Waste compactors
To ensure efficient, economical, safe and easy waste management, the whole lifespan of the waste – from where it originates to how it will be disposed – should be thought of. Building a right kind of waste management system is always based on the type of waste. Our new generation SMART compactors are here. These new compactors save time, money and the environment, they communicate with you and are even able to repair small errors independently.


Europress Balex is completely new baler collection, which is designed and manufactured in Europress´s own factory. The collection has three models with pressing force of 10, 30 and 50 tons. The machines are built sturdy to withhold even extremely hard usage. The Balex balers are Finnish innovation at its best and belong to the Europress Smart compactor family. Balex is the Finnish answer for the need of quality balers.





The Europress maintenance organization guarantees our customers constant care any time of the day. Our maintenance operates all over Finland, Sweden and Norway!
Preventive care ensures that our equipment function immaculately and are in suitable use. Also the experts will assess the problems and react to them even before the user realizes them.
The maintenance organization will offer all our clients the basic service agreement or a wider maintenance agreement fitted just for their needs.


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