– The vision of EuroIncon A/S is to be the leading inspection company of oil related equipment in Norway, and to be widely recognised and respected for providing high levels of service, quality and efficiency.

Facilities and yard
EuroIncon A/S can offer two range III indoor inspection facilities (1100 m² double line range III) and one indoor cleaning facility. (600 m² single line range III inspection facility). In addition we have a close co-operation with Norse Oilfield Services on machining services and Trio Oiltec on hard banding services. EuroIncon A/S have a total of 23 000 m² of yard space all located at Hamrasletta 9, Tananger (240 m² storage for BHA equipment.). The yard is equipped with all necessary pipe handling equipment, including two 16 ton forklifts, one 5 ton forklift, and a side loader. A mobile crane is available on request.

EuroIncon A/S has during the past decade designed a reports database combining inspection reports, statistical analysis reports and logistical reports. This gives the EuroIncon A/S and its client base an overview of the equipment history and movement. The database is web based; each customer is given a secure username and password to access their information from web database.
A great feature built in to the database is the statistical analysis report;
this gives the client an overview of their equipment which includes
inspection, wear, rejects, and cause of rejects etc.


RFID Tagging system
EuroIncon A/S has along with Trac ID developed a system for temporary RFID marking of tubular. The system is also prepared to handle permanent RFID marked tubular.

The system is based on that every pipe we receive into our yard for inspection will get a RFID chip attached. The chip is then connected with the pipe serial number. The RFID chip will follow the pipe during the whole maintenance process and is removed from the pipe prior to shipment offshore.

The benef ts of RFID chip marking of pipe is:
No misreading of serial numbers during the maintenance process. Tracking of pipe down to serial number level. Customer stock list will be «live» meaning that every transaction during the process will be immediately recorded on the customer web access.

Approvals and Certifications
Within the company we have a long and varied experience in working to all relevant industrial specifications: API specifi cation and recommended practice, DS-1 and NS-2 covering Bottom hole assembly, Drill pipe and Oil country tubular goods.

Our quality system was certified by Det Norske Veritas in September1997 and is today based on NS-EN ISO 9001:2008.

In November 2011 our environmental management system was certified in accordance to NS-EN ISO 14001:2004 by Dovre sertifisering AS


  • Drill pipe Inspection
  • Full length U.T. inspection,
  • Drill pipe and OCTG.
  • OCTG Inspection
  • Bottom Hole Assembly
  • Handling equipment inspection
  • High pressure tubular cleaning
  • Drilling equipment Offshore Inspection
  • Magnetic permeability test


  • Drill pipe hard banding (Trio Oiltec Services)
  • Machine shop services (Norse Oilfi eld Services)
  • Fiber optic video inspection
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