EWOSEWOS Group is a leading international player in production of fish feed. In 2012 EWOS Group in total produced 1, 2 million tonnes of feed, and had 900 employees. The groups’ research and development activities are carried out through the R&D company EWOS Innovation.

Operating companies
Four of the five operational companies in the EWOS Group, EWOS AS (Norway), EWOS Chile S.A., EWOS Canada Ltd and EWOS Ltd (UK) mainly produce feed for Salmonides, while for EWOS Vietnam pangasius is the most important species. The various EWOS companies have an independent market responsibility in their respective geographic areas – with regard to both production and sales. However, the companies co-operate closely on functions such as purchasing, product development, R&D and information systems.


EWOSThe EWOS Group’s head office is located in Bergen, Norway. EWOS Group is owned by Cermaq ASA, listed on the Oslo stock exchange.

Research & Development
EWOS Innovation is the R&D company supporting EWOS and Cermaq activities. The company’s ambition is to be internationally recognized as the leading innovator for the salmonid aquaculture industry, and a leading company in organizing industrial innovation, attracting outstanding employees and partners.

EWOS Norway
In 2012 EWOS AS became market leader with 40 % market share. The main office is located in Bergen. Three production plants are handling feed production. These are located in Florø (Sogn & Fjordane), Halsa (Nordland) and Bergneset (Troms). Customer support and sales is managed from Bergen and the Trondheim sales office, as well as locally situated sales representatives along the coast from Bergen in the south to Tromsø in the north.

EWOS AS has a complete feed assortment for freshwater (hatchery feeds), seawater (grower feeds), a functional feed program, medicated feeds and feed designed for broodstock.

The company offers close and competent support to their customers throughout Norway, and have a unique follow-up systems for fish-farming with focus on performance, quality and economy; EWOS EGI. EWOS has a modern and effective fleet of special designed feed-boats, supplying fish-farmers all along the Norwegian coast line.

Sustainability and food safety
Sustainability and food safety is highly focused throughout all activities in EWOS. EWOS AS is certified according to ISO 9001, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and Global GAP.

With a market share of 35 % in the global salmon market, EWOS has a responsibility to supply the growing fish farrming industry sustainable raw materials of marine and vegetabile origin.

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