ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies

ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies, a privately owned spinout from Affitech A/S, was established in early 2010, in Horsholm north of Copenhagen. The founders and employees have worked together for over ten years to optimize the use of the S2 cells recombinant protein production platform, which forms the basis of the Company’s business.

ExpreS2ion Bio offers access to its complete proprietary platform ExpreS2, through a range of services and through licenses. ExpreS2 comprises all the elements needed for robust, scalable and reliable protein production, adapted to the needs of medical research and development, and in particular to the new and very promising field of recombinant or subunit vaccines.

Recombinant proteins constitute an important tool for the advancement of science and are the active molecules of many of the last 30 years’ therapeutic breakthroughs. The development and optimization of efficient platforms for the production of these molecules remains of interest for the advancement of scientific and medical research.


What we do:
ExpreS2ion Bio has developed a complete proprietary protein expression platform, ExpreS2, based on engineered Drosophila Schneider-2 (S2) cells, to serve recombinant protein production needs of research teams and recombinant subunit vaccine developers.

Our platform:
ExpreS2 allows quick access to proteins, excellent protein expression capability, scalability, applicability to high cell density production processes and regulatory friendliness.

The ExpreS2 platform includes all the elements needed for efficient recombinant protein production:
• Proprietary high yielding expression vectors;
• A S2 cell line that grows to high densities;
• An optimized culture medium;
• A highly efficient transfection reagent optimized for S2 cells;
• The team’s extensive know-how to support protein expression and production.

ExpreS2ion Bio’s services include support and piloting of transfer to larger scale production under the highly regulated norms required for production of recombinant proteins for use in clinical development.

Working with ExpreS2:
ExpreS2ion Bio exploits the unique characteristics of the S2 cells in a “medium throughput” screening setup, which facilitates the screening of many different proteins, or protein variants, both in R&D and in discovery.

Through a short – 6 weeks from DNA to protein – proof of concept, recombinant protein is produced for analysis. Polyclonal pools, which are stable over a period of time without selection agent, can be established, so it is easy to generate further material for testing by scaling up production.

Development projects can be dramatically sped up through using the stable polyclonal pools for developing and optimizing analytical tools and up- and downstream processes, in parallel with development and optimization of the producing cell line. This feature exploits manpower and financial resources in an optimized manner, saving time during development. The ExpreS2ion Bio team can take charge of the upstream development and, through CMO partners, or at the customer’s selected production setting (customer’s own or his selected CMO), support downstream process development.

ExpreS2ion Bio offers technology platform licensing opportunities for use in R&D and commercial protein manufacturing. After a successful evaluation, an R&D or commercial license can be procured.


ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies
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