Nordtenwest OÜ is located in Viimsi Parish on Tallinn Bay, which is well known boating area in Estonia. Nordtenwest produces small work and motor boats. The versatile Trimaran Kalamarie i6.7 was celebrating its world premiere in boot Düsseldorf in 2017. The 6.69-meter long tri hull boat has a small draft – only 39 centimeters – and a 200-hp boat engine with waterjet propulsion, making it particularly suitable for shallow water. With a width of 2.51 meters, a height of 2.77 meters and an empty weight of 1,150 kilograms it´s easily trailerable. It will retail for under 50,000 euros.

Nordtenwest was established in 2010 by two classmates Margus Rebane and Aleksander Käo. Margus has been sailing and building water crafts for 35 years, Aleksander was at the same time active in the kart and rally sector and developed competition equipment.

As we both like sea adventures and would like to offer this possibility to all interested in it, it was quite natural that we established our company Nordtenwest. In our opinion, sailing is not an activity for elite, because we are a coastal nation and should just revive our good old habits. Therefore, we do not build super-comfortable motorboats, rather than economic, sea and weather proof leisure and work boats for a reasonable price that can be left by fathers to sons.

Services offered by Nordtenwest:

  • manufacturing of recreational craft
  • aluminium and stainless steel components, structures and mechanisms
  • repair and reconstruction of recreational craft
  • adapting car engines for recreational craft
  • winter storage of boats


Uus Sadama 19/8, 10117 Tallinn, Harjumaa
+372 555 349 40