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Training must resemble the reality onboard
For more than 40 years Danish mariners’ safety has been at the forefront of Falck Nutec’s business activities. Many of our experienced instructors have a seafaring background as engineer officers, navigators or in other maritime jobs. They know what a difference good emergency preparedness and well trained mariners can make in a critical situation.

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When your employees participate in our courses, they encounter conditions they are familiar with from their working day onboard the ship:

  • The practical part of a course in fire fighting takes place in a fire module constructed like a ship.
  • Our sea rescue hall offers uniform conditions, so all mariners receive identical training in a controlled environment. The alternative would be exposure to changeable weather and wave conditions in a harbour basin.
  • Boat courses take place with the latest generation of MOB and lifeboats; and in accordance with the most up-to-date standards.

The extremely realistic training environment ensures that a real emergency situation will be recognisable, and that employees are able to act quickly and effectively to limit injuries to people and assets. Our motto is “Practise makes perfect – and saves lives”.

It is one thing when an accident happens, and another to prevent it happening in the first place. Our courses in personal safety enable your employees to reduce risk and prevent an accident occurring.

Several courses within the international maritime organisation IMO’s STCW convention will in future require compulsory refresher courses. Let us create an overview of what needs your company has, so your ships can still sail with safety conscious and dynamic employees.

Yours faithfully
Claus Nexø Hansen
Sales Manager Denmark
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Boat training centre
At our modern boat training centre at Sildekaj in Esbjerg we are now able to supplement our large selection of courses with a number of boat training courses.

The boat training centre has rooms in which to study theory, changing facilities and a workshop. In addition new MOB, FRB and lifeboats have been purchased, which allows us to offer basic and refresher courses using these particular vessels.

The courses
The boat training courses are primarily directed towards offshore companies and the maritime sector. All courses are approved by the Danish Maritime Authority, the Danish Energy Agency and/or the Norwegian Oil Industry Association (OLF). The courses’ instructors are experienced teachers, who are trained in sailing with the different boat types, which gives the course participants the optimal benefit from the training.

Read more at www.falcknutec.dk or contact Falck Nutec Esbjerg on telephone number +45 7612 1314.


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