FB Kjeder AS

fb kjederfb kjederComposite bearings and wear parts for shipyards, designers and OEM’s.

Considerable benefits in terms of performance, reliability, ease of use, availability and design. They can be supplied in various forms including bushes, fully machined bearings, staves etc.


– Offers a “fit and forget” solution
– Low friction
– Excellent wear characteristics.
– Has the ability to run both dry and wet
– All major Marine Classification approvals



fb kjederFeroball Spherical Bearings.

– Self-lubricated Spherical Bearings
– Standard dimensions
– Custom Made
– Very low friction


fb kjeder


fb kjederHigh quality Roller chains.

– High quality roller chains (SBR – Solid Bushing & Roller)
– Less wear – higher breaking load
– 40% longer life
– Corrosion problems? Try our Aqua Proof chain!
– Chain break? Try our Double Capacity Chain – strongest chain on the market.



FB Kjeder AS
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