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The beauty of the mistake
– Pioneering approach to chronic back pain

Up until now millions of people have suffered from chronic back pain causing a major health and socio-economic problem throughout Europe and the rest of the world. The problem is estimated to have caused more than 10% of the all sick days resulting in costs of up to USD 653 billion in the US alone.

Our approach to chronic back pain proposes a solution addressing the previous treatment mistakes aiming to benefit the patients’ quality of life, improve time of return to work, and thus reduce the economic health burden.

FBC Device

Founded in 2005
Venture-backed (Sunstone Capital, Danish Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation)
Significant patent rights in both EU, US, Japan, Australia and New Zealand
Strong Freedom-To-Operate report

From idea to reality
FBC Device’s first product in the spinal implant concept, the Statur®-L combines the better of two schools within spinal surgery. The idea was generated through the research of Professor Finn Bjarke Christensen who saw the potential in the flaws of prevailing treatment strategies.

Now the concept is patented in Europe, US, and several other countries, and it has already created quite a stir among leading spinal surgeons and within the international implant industry.

”Statur-L is a very interesting new spinal implant concept. In tests in our lab, it improves contact between implant and bone and appears capable of solving other biomechanical issues associated with standard spinal fusion implants”

– Professor Hans-Joachim Wilke, spine specialist


Great market potential
Through the Statur product line, FBC Device is able to introduce a gamechanging innovation to a USD +2 billion market, with a 7.7% CAGR. To attack this market, FBC Device is in the process of becoming an ISO 13485 certified company and expects to get a CE approval and a 510(k) (FDA) approval for its first product line in 2013.

In general the implant concept is covered by reimbursement codes worldwide. It focuses on a straight-forward surgical introduction and reducing the inventory significantly. Other spinal implants are in the pipeline to expand the market.

FBC Device
FBC Device
FBC Device focuses on the development of new implant concepts and designs with the aim to further improve treatment of degenerated spinal disorders by optimizing functional outcome and quality of life on a long-term basis.

The company strategy is to develop implants that allow a natural spine balance after surgery through a dynamic fusion philosophy with the goal of improving the functional outcome and avoiding adjacent level degeneration.

FBC Device ApS
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