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Federal_mogul Göteborg AB, Daros piston ringsPiston rings for large bore engines
For over seven decades, Federal-Mogul has specializedin developing, designing and manufacturing piston ring technology for large bore reciprocating engines. Our  product range of compression and oil rings starts at a diameter of 145 mm and covers ring solutions ranging up to 980 mm. When we say large bore, we mean it.

Global Network
In 2010, the acquisition of the former “Daros Piston Rings AB” in Göteborg, further expanded Federal-Mogul’s leading position in the industrial piston ring sector. The combination of complementary technologies provides major engine manufacturers with a single, consistent sales and service channel for different product types. Daros is now used as a brand name for all 2-stroke rings, whereas Goetze is the brand for all 4-stroke rings. Product and process development is driven through a global network of locations to support the industrial engine customer base. World-class capabilities for industrial piston ring development are offered by an experienced team in Friedberg and Burscheid/Germany and Gothenburg/ Sweden using extensive global test and development facilities.


Federal_mogul Göteborg AB, Daros piston rings

Dedicated products
In addition to a large choice of ring materials, Federal-Mogul offers a large range of high performance coatings. Material properties, coating performance and ring design are combined to form a dynamic sealing system that will deliver maximum service life and minimum maintenance needs. Being so deeply rooted in so many large bore engine application fields, we know how important reliability is for an engine that has a typical lifespan of 20 to 30 years and needs to run efficiently. Thanks to our long-term focus on large bore engine applications, we have rings for servicing all types of engines – including old ones.

Federal-Mogul Göteborg AB