Ferguson Middle East FZE

Containers, Tanks, Mud Skips, Accommodation and Workspace Modules

Ferguson1Ferguson Middle East, part of the Ferguson Group, supplies high quality DNV 2.7-1 containers, tanks, mud skips, accommodation and workspace modules to the global offshore energy industry.

The company has built a reputation over the last 35 years for supplying its offshore containers, A60 accommodation and workspace modules to the highest quality available to the international marketplace.

Accommodation and Workspace Module Range
Ferguson Middle East supplies a full range of accommodation modules, galleys, mess, coffee shops, gymnasiums, locker and
recreation modules, medic, offices, workshops, laboratories, LWD/MWD/test cabins.

Standard accommodation modules are available in: 10.3m, 7.6m and 6m sizes while the standard workspace modules are available in: 10.3m, 7.6m, 6m, 4.8m, 4.5m and 4m sizes. Standard modules can house between 1 – 8 POB (persons on board), depending on internal layout.

These fit-for-purpose high quality units can be further adapted to suit specific requirements and have a fast turnaround from order to delivery.

Depending on client requirements the A60 modules can be provided as stand-alone or can be linked and stacked to form multimodule complexes. An entire complex can be constructed to precise specifications using the range of units required and linking them with hallways and stairways to form a large and robust accommodation complex.

Offshore Containers, Baskets, Tanks and Mud Skips
Ferguson Group is one of the world’s largest specialist providers of offshore containers, baskets, tanks, mud skips and associated lifting equipment to the offshore energy industry. The company operates a web enabled comprehensive Container Management System (CMS) which allows for the tracking of all containers, baskets, tanks and mud skips throughout the global rental fleet. This enables the effective management of container testing and re-certification requirements, in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and local regulatory requirements.

Refrigeration and Freezer Modules
IceBlue Refrigeration Offshore, a member of the Ferguson Group, provides offshore refrigeration/freezer modules for transportation and storage. All units are manufactured to and certified in accordance with DNV 2.7-1standards and available from Ferguson Group worldwide bases. With short lead times, IceBlue Refrigeration Offshore’s global fleet of refrigerated containers are offered in sizes from 2.5m, 3m and 6m units providing refrigeration and freezing solutions. The 6m dual zone module offers movable bulk head to provide two compartments; one set as freezer/chiller and one for storing non-perishable goods in ambient temperature.

The Ferguson Group employs more than 220 people worldwide serving the offshore container rental and accommodation modules markets. The Group’s head office is based in the UK (Kintore, Aberdeenshire) and the company has operations in all major global oil and gas locations to ensure the best service for its customers.


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