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Fincantieri is one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups, which in over 200 years of maritime history has built more than 7,000 vessels. It is world leader in cruise ship construction and a reference player in other sectors, from naval vessels to cruise ferries, from mega-yachts to special high value-added vessels, and ship repairs and conversions. Headquartered in Trieste (Italy), the Group has approximately 21,700 employees, of whom around 7,700 in Italy, and 21 shipyards in 4 continents. In 2013 the Group acquired VARD, a company listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange that builds offshore support vessels for oil & gas exploration and production. Fincantieri operates in the United States through its subsidiary Fincantieri Marine Group (FMG). This company, which serves important government customers, including the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard, has three shipyards, all located in the Great Lakes region. Fincantieri is present in the UAE with Etihad Ship Building, a joint venture set up with Al Fattan Ship Industries and Melara Middle East, to design, produce and sell different types of civilian and military ships as well as perform maintenance and refitting activities.

Concerning the offshore, Fincantieri has identified in this market an opportunity to develop and diversify its activities, and in the early 2012 has created a dedicated business unit, Fincantieri Offshore, that is focused on the construction of semi-submersible drilling rigs, drill ships, offshore supply vessels, pipe-laying ships, cable-laying ships, accommodation vessels and other special vessels. The company can count on a track-record of 38 delivered offshore vessels in the last 30 years (excluding the large track record of its subsidiary VARD). Fincantieri is also the leader of a network of Italian companies specialized in the offshore market, able to provide the customer with full support during the entire product life cycle, from design to operative management.

In 2014 Fincantieri Offshore introduced Proxima, a new ultra-deep water drillship.Fincantieri Offshore set out with a number of goals for Proxima: an ability to drill in up to 12,000 ft water depth and to 50,000 ft of total drilling depth, transit at more than 14 knots accommodate up to 250 people, carry two 20,000 psi BOPs and have a variable deck load will be up to 32,000-tonne. This innovative ship configuration increases the speed of the drilling process and overall the design will result in better efficiency, improved safety, more comfort for people onboard and a higher transit speed.

The philosophy behind the design is to propose to the market solutions which allow a clear operational cost reduction and allow both field operators and drilling contractors to boost their business plan also in an environment characterized by low oil price. Those players who are aiming to get the opportunity of the future and as such are determined to differentiate their offer in order to offer win-win relationship to their clients, cannot avoid to deepen the characteristics and performances provided by a cutting edge vessel like Proxima.

Fincantieri Offshore designs and builds a new generation of highly reliable products. There are many factors that contribute to the development of Fincantieri Offshore products such as outstanding abilities of designing and engineering, the internal Research & Development and also the support of trusted partners from the offshore field: platform and drilling systems designers, suppliers and supply chain specialists.

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