Multilateral Stimulation Technology


Connect your reservoir with accuracy, efficiency and simplicity
Fishbones has developed and field-tested new technology for stimulation of oil and gas wells. Large number of laterals are made simultaneously from the mainbore, connecting the well and reservoir, in a short pumping job.

Do you want 50, 100 or 200 laterals? You are in control.
The technology comprises a sub that houses small-diameter, high-strength tubes called needles. The sub is made up to a full-length casing joint and needle assemblies, up to 40 ft long, are assembled in the workshop before being sent to the field. The subs are run as integral parts of the liner in the open hole and are positioned across the formation where stimulation is desired.

The laterals are either jetted or drilled, depending on the type of rock. Fishbones is applicable in sandstones, carbonates, coal bed methane and other formations.

Fishbones jetting: Fluids are bullheaded once the liner has been run to depth. The fluids jet out of the nozzles at the end of the needles and the formation ahead of the needles is jetted away by a combination of erosion and acid chemical dissolution. Dreamliner drilling: Each needle has a drill bit and rotation is created by circulation of mud powering turbines connected to the far end of the needles inside the liner.

Fishbones_03Case history
The first Fishbones deployment in a carbonate reservoir took place in a tight limestone formation in the Austin Chalk in Texas, USA, in April 2014. The installation of the system was part of a pilot program managed by the Joint Chalk Research (JCR) composed of several North Sea operators (BP, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Dong, Eni, Hess, Maersk, Statoil and Total and the Danish North Sea Fund). The pilot program is also supported by the Norwegian Research Council.
60 laterals were made and the production results were very positive with an 8.3 times increase in IP-30 (cumulative production first 30 days), compared with well production before stimulation.

Fishbones is a Norwegian technology company with headquarters in Stavanger and offices in Malaysia, U.A.E. and USA and has 15 employees. For more information, please visit our website or contact us on

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