Fjell Technology Group

FJELL TECHNOLOGY GROUP CONSISTS of the following subsidiaries: FJELL TECHNOLOGY – quality process solutions for the on and offshore industries: FJELL SUBSEA PRODUCTS – the fast and reliable alternative for high pressure subsea components.
FJELL TECHNOLOGY represents Fjell Technology Group’s Research and Development and engineering competence. With wide experience and proven excellence in Oil & Gas upstream-midstream-downstream technology, Maritime technology and Environmental technology FJELL TECHNOLOGY are at the forefront of complex projects delivery through the application of:
• Theoretical and empirical proof of concept and analysis
• Design and construction of pilot units and test plants
• Development of test plans and execution of test programs

The team of specialists have proven track record in thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, process design, and mechanical design. FJELL TECHNOLOGY are experts in process development, process design, installation and commissioning of process equipment and plant as well as complete EPCI of systems involving phase separation, mass transfer and heat transfer. FJELL TECHNOLOGY have the capability to perform engineering studies and advanced FEM-analyses that exhibit linear, non-linear and transient material and geometry behavior. Demanding challenges are undertaken, evaluated and solved by stress and strain analysis and fluid flow analysis.

All engineering and production is performed in-house including pressure vessel design thermal design and 2-D and 3-D mechanical design. As a trusted partner FJELL TECHNOLOGY currently develops and delivers process solutions and key ready plants to the Petrochemical Industries’ biggest players. Innovation and commitment are at paramount in all projects performed by our skilled and experienced team.

From conception to birth providing full service delivery FJELL TECHNOLOGY offers quality process solutions for the on & offshore industries.

FJELL SUBSEA PRODUCTS are dedicated to engineering products for the offshore energy industry worldwide, providing integrated services with a proven track record in delivering complex projects in deep-water and challenging environments. FJELL SUBSEA PRODUCTS are experts in seabed products, servicing and complete maintenance and repair.

FJELL SUBSEA PRODUCTS’ expertise in subsea operations is the key to pioneering products with lower complexity and high mechanical strength. The range of extensively tested and certified products are produced with great production efficiency and without compromising on quality and/or safety enabling the low cost and fast delivery needs of today’s subsea industry to be met. FJELL SUBSEA PRODUCTS product scope includes a full range of ROV operated Stab Plates, both Heavy and Light Duty for subsea and Topside applications, Hydraulic Couplers, Gas Lift/Injection Connectors and associated products. With many projects ongoing and with other product concepts in the pipeline FJELL SUBSEA PRODUCTS continues to focus and exceed client expectations.

At FJELL SUBSEA PRODUCTS we take a fresh approach to offshore engineering. We specialise in taking engineering solutions from concept through detailed design, to manufacture and delivery of product. By first defining your objective we offer a bespoke tailored solution working with a precise mix of technology and expertise to deliver your specific needs.

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