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Baling Systems for Waste Materials

Baling Systems for Waste Materials Flexus Balasystem AB develops and manufactures systems for storing and handling of waste materials. The product range includes a round baling system, which compresses the waste into cylindrical bales.

The integrated plastic wrapping unit provides a water and airtight cover, which prevents material decomposition, littering and odours. The system is well-proven, with over 110 installations in 20 countries for a wide range of materials including household waste, RDF, industrial waste, car tyres as well as agricultural by-products such as sugar beet pulp and MBM meal.

Whether your waste problem consists of intermediate storage, volume reduction, seasonal
variation or transportation, Flexus Balasystem AB is your speaking partner.

Flexus BalasystemThe benefits of our method are:

  • Clean and tidy storage and handling.
  • Odourless storage.
  • Preservation of material properties, almost no energy and mass loss.
  • Water tight storage also outdoor.
  • Reduced volume, approximately a third of the volume for MSW.
  • No fermentation.
  • Economically and environmentally good for seasonal variations at MSW plants.
  • No self-ignition possible
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