Manufacturers agent, distributor & stockist since 1983

With commitment and courage, empathy and knowledge – and a story – we shall strive to improve our suppliers’ position in the Norwegian markets, give our customers an advantage, and make FLOCHEM stronger. We shall be generous and inclusive, and nurture the culture of Customer Satisfaction.

FLOCHEM AS was founded 16.02.1983 as a manufacturer’s agent and distributor for offshore and industrial products. Today 85–90% of our business is related to valves, piping & mechanical products supplied to the Norwegian oil and gas industry. The company has been managed by Herlog Berge since 1992.

Our customers are oil & gas companies, contractors, subcontractors, package suppliers and consultants. FLOCHEM has achieved AAA-rating between 1998 and 2010.

Visit us at WWW.FLOCHEM.NO for more information.


VALVES – fasteners – subsea strapping – valve locks – rupture discs – inline filters / strainers – pipe supports – cable supports – filters – separators – heat exchangers – control & slam shut valves – cathodic protection – anti-fouling systems – anodes – industrial chemicals – industrial packaging. VALVES: Manual/Actuated, Ball, B’fly, Check (Non-Slam/Axial Flow – Dual Plate – Piston – Ball – Swing), Control, GGC forged, GGC Cast, Needle, PSV/Safety, Subsea, TC Gate.

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