FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency

FOI, the Swedish Defence
Research Agency, has built
up a unique competence that
can serve as a one stop shop
for support of early drug
Some examples of the in-house capabilities available:

• Protein characterization and assay development
• Macromolecular structure determination and modeling
• Quantitative and qualitative analysis of bioactive compounds
• In vivo infection models for preclinical evaluation of antimicrobial compounds and vaccines
• Models for lung diseases
• Models for skin penetration studies
• Synthesis of bioactive compounds for preclinical testing and reference compounds for analytical use
• Pharmacokinetic studies

Our techniques include:
· Biological (BSL-3) and chemical safety laboratories

At our facility in Umeå we host more than 100 scientists, of which approximately 60 are at PhD-level, who can support you in solving the issues you may have in your project.

Don´t hesitate to contact us!

Mats Strömqvist, Director

FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency
+46 8 555 030 00