Forskningsparken Oslo

The Oslo Innovation Center is the largest R&D innovation center in Norway, specialising in several fields including Biotechnology. More than 140 companies are located here employing approximately 1800 people in research institutions, R&D departments of international enterprises and smaller start-up companies.

Oslo Innovation Center is located in the midst of some of the largest Norwegian research institutions. In the immediate vicinity you will find the University of Oslo, three major research hospitals, SINTEF, which is the largest independent research organisation in Scandinavia, and several other research institutions in the fields of technology, environmental sciences and social science. This is an important reason why the R&D institutions and departments choose to be situated here. Our offices and laboratory areas are modern and flexible, and can be rented at standard market rates and conditions. We also have meeting facilities which are available for hire by internal tenants and external organisations.

Oslo Innovation Center has an incubator that develops the most promising research and technology projects into viable start-ups. The incubator funding consists of a combination of non-diluting funding/grants and equity. Focus areas include ICT, biotech and energy, as well as other industries considered on a case by case basis. Close relations to the entrepreneur and active ownership best describes our level of involvement.

As networking is important, Oslo Innovation Center facilitates several formal and informal networks. One example is Oslo Medtech, a cluster of companies, hospitals, finance-, knowledge and research institutions focusing on medical technology.

To build competence in the start-up companies, Oslo Innovation Center also runs several programs such as Business Coach Program and Build2Grow Program. The programs generate various activities such as courses, lectures and presentations that are partly are open for all tenants and provide knowledge, inspiration and training for success.

Forskningsparken Oslo
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