Forus Industri AS




Forus Industri As is a vocational rehabilitation company established in 1963 and based in Stavanger, Norway.
Forus Industri As aim to be a leading company in vocational rehabilitation in Norway, while our business standard, quality and performance of our work is comparable to ordinary business.
We strive through fabrication and services to our customers, to create a basis for employment and competence development for people with occupational limits and/or special training needs.




The HammerHook is a time saving product that makes loading and unloading of containers more convenient.
A HSE-product that eliminates crawling and climbing thus reduce the risk of personal injuries. In addition to the original HammerHook you can also purchase an unbreakable mirror, for control of fork lift-pockets and shackles, as well as a stainless steel scraper for rust and ice removal.