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FRAS® Technology (Fluid system Reliability Availability and Safety) was established in 2005 and is based on 40 years of experience in the hydraulic industry. The company offers unique and complete solutions for advanced machine diagnostics and maintenance. FRAS® own a fluid sampler (a bottle in a container), that is part of the system, which means that the samples can be collected while the system is under pressure. Tests show that this gives reproducibility and unambiguous results which are not influenced by the person collecting the sample. The system was patented in 1990 and given the trademark DynaSamp®. Today 1400 DynaSamp®s are installed in ships, power plants, offshore rigs and in the process industry. DynaSamp® is the only sampler that is type approved by Lloyds Register of Shipping. Based on the DynaSamp® technology, FRAS® Technology and partners have developed a future-oriented solution for remote monitoring of fluid systems, DynaView®. By combining DynaSamp® and other new technologies, FRAS® Technology will be able to monitor the “health” of almost any fluid system, online.

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Why FRAS® methods:
Effective condition monitoring requires both accurate sampling of the lubrication system and effective analysis of the debris in the sample. Inaccurate or inconsistent sampling can easily lead to erratic trending results, while ineffective sample analysis can miss critical faults.

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