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FrioNordica is an industrial refrigeration company that has extensive experience in developing cost effective cooling solutions for the fishing, fish processing and aquaculture industry. FrioNordica was established as a result of a merger between Aquaterm, and Finsam Refrigeration in Norway. Aquaterm being a specialist in the cooling and heating of seawater and manufactures RSW systems for fishing vessels as well as heat pumps for fish farming. Finsam is recognized worldwide within the fishing industry as a leading specialist in ice systems with products such as ice machines, ice plants and ice slurry systems. FrioNordica Refrigeración Ltda in Chile was established as a daughter company in 2001 and have service stations in Concepción and Puerto Montt.

Ice Machines & Ice Plants
Frionordica offers a full range of ice machines and ice plants to cover all of the requirements for onboard as well as land-based installations. Finsam containerized ice plants with plate ice machines and ice rake systems have proven to be the most reliable solution for fishing ports and processing plants worldwide. Such plants can be made fully automatic including “Auto-Ice” for self-service delivery to vessels and trucks.

Frionordica offers two different concepts for ice slurry. One solution is based on use from an existing ice plant, the other by using the Finsam Flow-Ice units, which makes ice directly from seawater.

RSW Plants & Heat Pumps
Aquaterm heat exchangers represent new technology in refrigeration, using enhanced tubular geometry and effective thin film principles in evaporation and condensation. These are the most compact designs on the market. Other features include low refrigerant charge, leak-proof welded tube-to-tube sheet joints and non-corrosive plastic end caps. Tubes and tube sheets are made of titanium for seawater applications. For freshwater applications, stainless 316 is used.

Frionordica offers assembled RSW and heat pump units with a capacity range of 100 to 2,100 kW. RSW systems can also be delivered as a package of components for tailor made installation on board.

The new RSW and heat pump models are equipped with FrioLogica Control, which is an electronic monitoring and control device for compressor and connected processes, with easy- to-operate touch display and on-line information on relevant conditions, for example pressures, temperatures, flow, running hours, percentage capacity, safety controls and alarm history. The system can communicate via internet and to central control systems.

Heat Exchangers for Seawater Applications
FrioNordica can offer a full programme of titanium heat exchangers for refrigeration plants. This programme includes shell and tube condensers, oil coolers, and spray chillers. This product range also includes Flow-Ice generators to be used by other ice machine manufacturers. All titanium heat exchangers are offered with a 10 year warranty against corrosion.

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